Voices from the American Land

A Room of Her Own Foundation
Founded by Voices Advisory Board member Darlene Chandler Bassett, AROHO is “a transformational collective that changes the lives of creative women by honoring our artistic excellence and moving us out of isolation to a rich and whole community.”

Wendell Berry
Voices Advisory Board member and acclaimed author of more than 40 books of poetry, fiction, and essays.

Dorothy Bunny Bowen
Wax resist paintings of the high desert Southwest. Bowen is the webmaster for Voices and a board member.

Patricia Clark
Author of Given the Trees chapbook.

Katalin Ehling
Illustrator for Grace of Ancient Land, Ehling is an internationally known batik artist.

Renny Golden
Golden’s book of poetry, The Hour of the Furnaces, was nominated for a National Book Award; her new book of poetry, Blood Desert: Witnesses 1820–1880 (Nuevo Mexico in the 1800s), was published in 2011 by the University of New Mexico Press.

Shilin Hora
Hora illustrated the Patricia Clark chapbook Given the Trees which was published by Voices from the American Land in June 2009.

La Alameda Press
Founded by JB Bryan, La Alameda Press publishes “beautiful books of artistic and cultural merit.”

Patricia Monaghan
Visionary poet Patricia Monaghan celebrates the mythic in the ordinary, the spiritual in the mundane, the sensuous in the scientific. An impassioned teacher and performer, she has won awards for creative nonfiction as well as poetry. She is author of the Voices from the American Land chapbook Grace of Ancient Land, published in 2011..

Summer Wood
Executive Editor of Voices from the American Land, Wood is the author of the novels Arroyo (Chronicle Books) and Wrecker (Bloomsbury, 2011). She runs a mentorship program for young writers in Taos, New Mexico, and teaches writing to adults at the University of New Mexico’s Taos Summer Writers’ Conference.